I came to Sheryl-Lee when I was at a very low point in my life. She helped me to gradually reduce the amount of chocolate I was consuming. I am now almost 8kg down in a month and feeling much more focused on my goals. Thanks for being a stepping stone in getting my health back on track. (Genevieve Mlotkowski, Naturopath/Herbalist/Nutritionist)

" I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I went for my first session with Sheryl-Lee but my concern was unfounded as she instantly put me at ease. Sheryl-Lee is down to earth, relaxed, funny and incredibly empathetic and understanding. She's deeply engaged and interested in the issues you need help with and has an almost uncanny ability to tap into your energy in working out the most efficient way to gain cut-through for you. To make lasting changes. Changes that stick - not just a temporary, band-aid approach until you slip back into your old ways.


Sheryl-Lee has helped me turn things around with two big issues that were negatively impacting my life: overeating and resentment/ anger management with my kids and husband. 


I had put on 10 kilos since being in a couple of stressful and toxic work environments and the subsequent anti-depressants I was prescribed. My doctor told me I was officially overweight for my petite frame and had to lose at least 7 kilos.  Sheryl-Lee helped to rewire by sub-conscious behaviour of self-sabotaging with one of her visualisation techniques. I no longer eat for comfort or to reward myself. I make better food choices and now eat to nourish my body and the emotional association with food has disappeared. I've lost almost 6 kilos since I saw her 3-4 months ago and am still losing weight. My appetite has shrunk as I now know when I'm full and no longer eat for the sake of it. I've even stopped over-ordering and can no longer smash a whole pizza on my own!


With my frustrations as a parent, Sheryl-Lee put me under hypnosis and took me back to when I was a kid, as she identified this was the root of the issue with my undue anger and resentment towards my kids. In that session, I addressed issues with my mother and brother, talking to them from the perspective of when I was a little girl. I was able to tell them how I felt and to forgive them as I gained clarity as to why they treated me the way they did. In that session, I ended my 'emotional contract' with them and when I came to, I felt so much lighter and free. I felt like I woke up at the biological age that I am, as I had finally moved past the stage I was trapped in - of a hurt, little girl carrying the baggage of my wounds into every relationship and encounter. I was finally free! 


I now have an underpinning sense of calm and control. I am able to respond, rather then react, to stressful or frustrating situations with a mature approach. With my kids, I now feel like the adult in charge, rather then like one of the kids throwing a tantrum myself!


Thank you, Sheryl-Lee for the amazing work you've done with me. And the best part, is I didn't have to spend countless sessions or money. I only needed a few sessions to see real change. " - NY


I highly recommend Sheryl Lee for anyone looking for a professional, caring and effective hypnotherapist. I had been struggling with terrible insomnia and anxiety surrounding falling asleep and decided on a whim to consult a hypnotherapist. Sheryl Lee was highly recommended by multiple people on the facebook group- 'North Shore Mums' so I decided to give her a go. It ended up being an excellent decision as after only one session the quality of my sleep improved dramatically and I no longer experienced anxiety surrounding sleep. Thank you for all your help Sheryl! Anon

I have always been curious about hypnotherapy, so when I heard about Sheryl I decided to try it, to help with my anxiety, particularly in relation to sleep and being in control/a perfectionist. It only took one session with Sheryl to see a huge improvement. Sheryl is so lovely, a very passionate and compassionate person, full of care and personality and so driven to help others. She takes so much pride in what she does and really puts in so much, both during the session and continuously following up afterwards. She genuinely cares. I would recommend anyone that wants to work on/fix a problem area go see her!! She will make sure to thoroughly understand you and your situation before the hypnosis takes place. Keep doing what you’re doing Sheryl - definitely changing lives for the better. - Anon

I sought Sheryl-Lee’s assistance to help develop my efforts in training and sports performance. I cannot commend her highly enough. 

With Sheryl’s compassion and understanding of what I was trying to achieve, she has helped me put my strongest foot forward, to be in full control of my thoughts during tough physical endurance. This has helped me to achieve the personal bests I’ve been working hard to reach.

I strongly recommend Sheryl-Lee’s work. Thank you for your kindness and assistance!! - Bec

"I highly recommend Sheryl, being a total novice to hypnotherapy I was quite sceptical at first but just one session with Sheryl made a huge difference and significantly improved my relationship with food.

Sheryl is very caring, tailors her sessions to your specific needs and follows up on the the progress". - Aliona

"Physically, mentally and emotionally I was in a deep hole that I didn’t know how to get out of.  I saw Sheryl Lee’s interview on Facebook and knew I had to try hypnotherapy.  I prepared myself to ensure I put all my efforts into The session with Sheryl Lee.  All I did was 1 session and I felt like a different person. I left feeling light, free and positive. I couldn’t recommend hypnotherapy enough. It’s changed my life forever. Thank you Sheryl Lee!" - Lisa

After 7 months of CBT with a psychologist without seeing any progress for my 9 year old with Post Traumatic Stress and a phobia of leaving the house, I decided to try hypnotherapy with Sheryl-Lee. I have found the results to be almost immediate and very successful and my son is now back to school full-time and doing very well. Sheryl- Lee  communicates with children very effectively, you can tell she is a mum ! My son looks forward to seeing her and is proud to show Sheryl- Lee his progress. I would definitely recommend her services to any families struggling with issues. Her caring nature and knowledge has ensured a safe and happy treatment for my son and we are very grateful for her help.

"Sheryl - Lee was recommended to me by another mum who had amazing success. I was so excited being able to see her and work on my goal. For years after having kids, I had almost given up on losing weight. One session with Sheryl and I'm on track to feeling better than I have in a long time. Thanks Sheryl, for helping me focus and achieve my goals" Anonymous

"Just the one session with Sheryl definitely played a big part in me finally getting my driving licence. Sheryl's session unlocked something within me in a poweful way that allowed me to move forward. I will always be very grateful." - John

After having just two sessions

with Sheryl, I was finally able to take back control and implement the actions I knew that I needed to do to get my physical and mental health back on track. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience with Sheryl.

"I recently had a session with Sheryl-Lee and found it to be a very calming experience. Sheryl-Lee conducts herself In a very professional and relaxing manner. The techniques she used and then suggestedI apply at home, really worked well. Sheryl-Lee is compassionate and shows real concern for her clients. She listens patiently before advising and has great understanding of her clients needs. I highly recommend her to those who would seek her services." Tabitha

"Sheryl has such an inviting and comforting nature, I felt relaxed the entire time. Straight after my first session I felt great and I have not had any cravings/urges. I can not recommend Sheryl enough." - Lana

I highly recommend Sheryl-Lee from slkhypnotherapy. After years of smoking, I had no success the 3 times I tried to give up. I recently reached out to Sheryl to help me, so I could give up smoking once and for all.

After 1 session, I felt great and no longer crave cigarettes. I have not had the urge to smoke again!

Sheryl is a professional and a passionate hypnotherapist, I cannot thank her enough. Thank you again, Cale

"I have had a phobia of cats, learned from my mother, since as long as I can remember.  For a lot of my teenage and adult life, I have avoided cats and spent a good deal of time uncomfortable in places and locations that had lots of cats.  As a mother myself now, a move to a new house with a friendly next door cat prompted me to do something about this phobia. I was ready to make a change and wanted to be free of the restriction and debilitation that this phobia had caused me.  I met Sheryl through a recommendation and I am thrilled to say that thanks to her my life has changed for the better.  Tailored techniques over our sessions gave me the tools and confidence to face and beat my phobia.  Even I sometimes have to pinch myself that I have freely and confidently walked into an apartment with cat, had tea and cake with the cat at my feet.  For me, it’s nothing short of a miracle! Sheryl is warm, kind, sympathetic and professional.  Her joy at seeing my progress prompted me to keep going.  It’s certainly not been an overnight fix, but I am thrilled with my progress and have no doubt that I will reach my goal to be completely indifferent to cats!" - Amanda

"Sheryl-lee is amazing, our session was very thorough and gave me all the tools I needed to quit smoking. It's now been 6 months and I can say that I rarely have the desire to smoke, and if I do I can easily ignore the feeling, which is incredible for me!" - Joan

"Strong recommendation for this amazing woman! If you're feeling stressed she will most definitely help you overcome anything and everything- especially for those of you feeling the HSC pressure this year! give it a go :)" - Mikhayla

"Sheryl is caring and thorough. She goes above and beyond what you would expect." - Jolene

"Our 15 year old daughter was suffering quite badly from school related anxiety - putting too much pressure on herself to achieve (beyond our expectations).  This resulted in school refusal and sneaking that all time stress release - chocolate!!  Sheryl-Lee, in her very gentle way, built a great foundation of trust and guided our daughter through some relaxation exercises and hypnosis.  Giving her coping strategies to manage her own stress and to move forward with a more positive outlook. Thanks" - Jo

Dear Sheryl,

From the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you for leading me through the journey of overcoming my anxiety and phobia  of public speaking, embarrassment and fear of "power". From the first session you quickly recognised the root cause of my issues, you showed empathy and understanding and most importantly straight away started looking for the solutions to help me. I've seen so many therapists and had a hypnotherapy before and none were effective. Your kindness,compassion  combined with a knowledge of psychology, hypnotherapy and is what helped me. You were so prepared for every session, you followed up and you deeply cared. When life threw me into a senior role which required speaking in public, presentations and leadership sessions, I thought I could never do it. Previously I was avoiding going to even small team meetings and a thought of speaking in front of my team could send me into weeks of depression and severe anxiety. Couple of sessions of hypnotherapy combined with NLP and I feel so different, I feel like my subconscious mind doesn't throw me into a deep hole of fear, it is now calm and I feel free! After three weeks in my role, I surprised myself tremendously and my entire team told me that they were waiting for a long time for leader who can speak up! Never in a million years I thought I would be that leader. Once again, thank you! Anon

"Yes Im still "clean". I found Sheryl-Lee very pleasant to deal with. She explained the process and at all times made me feel comfortable during the session. Most of all, I left the session feeling that the hypnosis worked and was effective for my treatment.  I am happy to claim that with the help of Sheryl-Lee, I am smoke free! She also follows up regularly to see how I am which I appreciate." - Jochen

"Before I saw Sheryl I had struggled with a phobia of vomiting. It controlled where I ate what I ate and where I went. At one point it was so bad I didn't want to leave the house. After just one session with Sheryl this has now disappeared greatly. It still affects me every now and then but this fear hardly ever crosses my mind these days :)" - Michelle

"Sheryl is a truly warm and amazing human being who genuinely cares which in may case was adamant from the minute my daughter and I walked into her office. After hearing so many amazing things about her we had high expectations and she didn’t disappoint. After years of struggling with a bed wetting daughter we were both at our wits end. Only 5 minutes into our session i felt completely comfortable to leave and let Sheryl weave her magic with my daughter. The session was amazing and Sheryl's followup was so sincere. I wrote this to her 10 days after our session “Sheryl your a bloody miracle worker. Not one wet night. She follows her routine every night and has your sheet of paper with notes stuck up beside her bed. Her confidence seems great too.” I have since become one of her biggest raving fans". Toni 

“ I have heard of Hypnotherapy and thought it might help me to lose weight. So I was recommended to Sheryl-Lee  from previous patient. I was apprehensive about how it will work so thought why not give it a try. Sheryl-Lee is caring and funny when appropriate, always making you feel at ease and telling you everything as you go and that you have control in every step of the process. I’m still practicing what she has taught me and it’s a work in process. So glad to meet her and help set my path to my goals "-Judy L

Sheryl is a kind, understanding, thoughtful and non-judgemental professional, who I felt completely comfortable and relaxed with - I’m a rather private person, so these personality traits of Sheryl’s really helped me to conquer my issues.

I came to see Sheryl in the hope that she could help me control my self destructive eating habits - and she did!!
After only a few sessions, I feel like a new person, far more relaxed, and in control of my eating once again.

Thank you Sheryl!! - Kerry Wilsher

“I’ve been biting my nails my whole life. I’ve tried numerous times to quit. It was embarrassing and gave the wrong impression that I was nervous or anxious. I was really motivated to stop but needed help. Just two sessions with Sheryl-Lee and I’ve kicked this 20+ year habit. The sessions were deeply relaxing, I felt totally in control, and Sheryl-Lee was compassionate, ethical and professional. Do yourself a favour and book in.” BM

I had always been intrigued by the idea of hypnotherapy for weight loss, but had never seriously looked into it. However, I am so glad I decided to book some sessions with Sheryl-Lee. She specifically dealt with my sugar addiction, and I am blown away by how successful it has been for me, in just a few sessions. Sheryl-Lee is professional, sincere, caring and so supportive. I really do believe it has changed my life, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. - Anonymous

Sheryl-Lee is amazing!!  In two sessions she has helped me greatly with a disconnect between what my body was doing, and my thoughts were saying!  I had no willpower at all!!!  I knew in my head the right patterns for me, but I had no willpower to put that into practice. 

I am now thinking so much clearer and making such better choices and have so many more skills to move forward into the future with to be where I want to be!

I feel emotionally so much lighter and like I am back in control!!

Thank you!

Toni: from Charli (10 yrs old written completely on her own)


"Sheryl is an awesome person who genuinely cares for everyone. Sheryl is so nice and she doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. When I walked in she explained the process and what she would like me to do. Ever since I was a little girl I wet the bed, I used to hide it from my mum and dad, even sometimes if it was so bad I would end up sleeping on the floor. After Sheryl lee’s session with me I have never wet the bed ever again. Sheryl asked me a few questions and on one of the I said “ my brain knows I need to get up but my body didn’t and then after that question Sheryl knew what exactly to do so she sent me in to this sleepy mode and talked me through it. To be honest I technically was asleep. We made a piece of paper with all of the things I learnt. Ever since seeing her I have been more confident and I have got much better sleep. Sheryl is the best you should go see her if you have some thing concerning you or your kid." Charli      

"My daughter was experiencing quite severe anxiety in the lead up to school camp. I was speaking to a friend who recommended I contact Sheryl. After one session with Sheryl my daughter not only got thru camp without any issues but really embraced her time away. Thank you Sheryl." - Michelle.

I decided it was time to take the step and quit smoking. I went to see Sheryl-Lee for hypnosis. Sheryl-Lee was very caring and warm and I knew she would provide a safe space for me to reach my goals. After only one session, I have not touched a cigarette. Sheryl-Lee went above and beyond after our session with constant support to ensure my goal was reached. I would highly recommend Sheryl-Lee and her services. She is truly amazing! Katryna

"I tried hypnotherapy out of curiosity to see if it would help me deal with life long habits of anxiety and negative thinking. I was very nervous but Sheryl put me at ease and I felt comfortable with her to open up regarding my issues. she explained things thoroughly and was honest in what methods might work and how long it will take etc. I attended a few sessions and I am happy with the outcome. She helped me to work through a whole lot of baggage and I am better equipped to handle things differently now." - Sanjay

Sheryl was the first and only person I'll see for Hypnotherapy! Each time I've had a session with her I've become unstuck, revitalised and clear. Her unique combination of counselling with Hypnotherapy enabled me to transform whatever belief that was hanging round into something light and positive. She also authentically cares and that made me feel relaxed and allowed me to have fun with it (which I never expected).

I'd highly recommend Sheryl again and again - Anon

I was a smoker. I smoked for 17 years straight. I’d stopped on a few occasions at a younger age but I’d find myself relapse easily. 
I got to an age where I found it near impossible to imagine life without smoking. So much so that I was daunted with the thought of it. It really bothered me. 
My wife planned an appointment with Sheryl without me knowing. When she told me my appointment was coming up I was concerned I was washing my time. I couldn’t see it working. Much to my surprise, it did. 
It’s now been a month since my consultation & I’ve not looked back. I can live my life as I had done while smoking without the smoking. 
My productivity at work has increased. I’m no longer procrastinating sucking on a dart before my next big task for the day & I’m feeling a whole lot fresher as a result. Oh, did I mention - I can breath easy again?!
Don’t waste your time thinking about it. Just do it. Book in & change your life. You won’t regret it. - Anon

I cannot recommend Sheryl-Lee’s services more highly. I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Sheryl-Lee after suffering from postnatal insomnia and found it really difficult both getting to sleep and falling back to sleep after nighttime feeds. After just one session I noticed a huge improvement in my sleep after two sessions I felt armed with some incredible internal resources so I no longer dread bedtime and wake up with so much more energy and vitality. Sheryl-Lee thank you for helping restore my sanity! Camilla

"I came to Sheryl to get some help with my eating habits. I ate too fast and found it difficult to leave any food on my plate as a result of a lifetime habits. Sheryl was empathic, a deep listener and helped me immediately with only a few sessions. I can leave food on my plate without guilt and, I enjoy my food more slowly meaning I eat less. On a recent trip away I experienced some old habits creeping back but I was able to notice them and change my behaviours without issue. I've lost 3Kg so far without effort and I would happily recommend Sheryl to anyone looking for help with weight loss." Anon

Sheryl from SLK Hypnotherapy is amazing. She has helped me with several issues and the sessions were very empowering. I have had a remarkable improvement in my health and wellbeing and have a positive outlook towards my health. I highly recommend Sheryl to any person who wants to change their life in a positive way. - Anon

I decided to try Hypnotherapy after getting to a low point with my weight. I was doing all the right things exercise wise but getting nowhere because of overeating including a sugar addiction. I found Sheryl Lee to be empathetic and a good listener, who immediately put me at ease by patiently explaining the process. I had absolutely no expectations and wasn't expecting to have immediate results but after only 1 session all thoughts of food and sugar simply went away. Within 1 month I had lost 3 kilos and began to feel better about myself. Sheryl Lee was great with follow up texting me at regular intervals to ensure I was going well. I would highly recommend Sheryl Lee to anyone who needs that extra help to attain their goals - EZ

Sheryl has supported me through a couple of sessions in the last few weeks and it has changed my relationship with my body and my food.... And the sessions were on video call... So convenient! Sheryl-Lee you are amazing!

Having completed five sessions of hypnotherapy with Sheryl-Lee Kaye I would recommend her professional skills extremely highly,
Firstly, we used online Teams meetings which was very easy to use and Sheryl was able to build a personal feel to the online sessions.

Secondly, Sheryl was able to quickly identify the sort of person I  am and used strategies to help me make big changes in my life. She used very simple,  individualised concepts to help me understand what I needed and chose to do.  I now use these on a daily basis myself to keep the work going.
Sheryl had excellent communication skills and she made me feel very safe and comfortable .